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The Services

The veteran consultants of Kaplan DeVries Inc. and its affiliates offer a range of services for making good use of the Leadership Versatility Index as well as the development strategies and tactics described in The Versatile Leader.

Leadership Consulting

The LVI is a highly effective vehicle for coaching individual managers. We offer brief consults (LaserChange®) and longer, deeper engagements (LeaderChange), both of which are based on the framework described in The Versatile Leader. The centerpiece is feedback on the LVI, the innovative 360 tool with a powerful statistical link to leadership effectiveness.

 LaserChange®… is designed to bring about a quick change in behavior and takes only 1½ to 2 days of a consultant’s time. Includes LVI ratings and written comments, facilitated feedback, action planning, modest follow-up, and can be done entirely on the phone.

  LeaderChange… is a deeper dive typically lasting six to twelve months and designed to produce profound, lasting change. Includes feedback on the LVI, interviews with coworkers, psychological tests, a day-long feedback session, a separate day-long session to synthesize and plan, and considerable follow-up including assessment of change and impact.

Leadership Development Programs

Together with the framework of performance laid out in The Versatile Leader, the LVI forms a strong basis for a leadership development program. Managers find it to be a fresh way to look at their leadership and find opportunities for improvement, and they find it eminently practical. We tailor the program to suit the particular needs of the organization. We’ve done weeklong advanced management programs to two-day workshops and can deliver anything in between. References available. 

To discuss the coaching and program services please contact us at:

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”... The ‘LaserChange®’ process was extremely beneficial to me. The Kaplan DeVries consultant was instrumental in helping me analyze the feedback and identify two areas to work on.”
Michael Bernstein
Director of Software Engineering, Airvana